Commitment to art

Commitment to art

Corporate collecting: Baloise’s commitment to art

Isabelle, can you explain what art has to do with insurance? 

Baloise is actively involved in corporate art collecting and has been since the immediate post-war period. This commitment is driven by the desire to support young artists while, at the same time, making art and culture more accessible to our employees.  

What kind of art does Baloise collect?

From the very beginning, Baloise’s activities have been directly driven by the notion of fostering artistic talent. Initially, support was given only to artists from Basel, but over the course of the 20th century, this was expanded to include Swiss artists and then international artists. The main criterion for inclusion in the collection is the persuasive quality of the work and its emotional and intellectual connection to the hopes and fears of our time. Baloise collects contemporary art, focusing on acquiring works on paper by the artists of today. These include drawings, gouaches, watercolours, oil on paper, collages and photographic works.

Foto Isabelle Guggenheim

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Isabelle Guggenheim

has been Communications Manager since 2017 and Chairwoman of the Art Commission since 2014. She joined Baloise in 1991.


Tell us something about the Baloise Art Prize.

We have awarded the Baloise Art Prize since 1999 in partnership with Art Basel. With the help of an external panel of judges, two young and aspiring artists are selected from the ‘Statements’ sector of the Art Basel fair. Baloise presents each of the winners with CHF 30,000 in prize money. Thanks to this prestigious art prize, the two winning artists receive a great deal of publicity at the fair. For these artists, this can serve as a springboard for establishing themselves in the art world. Many previous winners are now leading lights on the international art scene and have exhibited their work at the Biennale in Venice several times. We also purchase a work of art by each winner, which we donate to two leading museums in Europe. 

Kunst von Zilla Leutenegger (Bilder)
Art from Zilla Leutenegger

How do our employees benefit from the company’s art collection?

Kunst von Heimo Zobernig (Bilder)
Art from Heimo Zobernig

Employees come into contact with art from the Baloise collection in the course of their day-to-day work. Since the company first began collecting art, it has remained true to its belief that the collection should be accessible both to employees and to visitors. All of our employees have the opportunity to select works of art for their workspaces and office premises. The collection is also on display in foyers, corridors and meeting rooms. But not only that: we make our art collection accessible to the public as well. Art viewings are organised twice a year. There are two guided tours of the Baloise Art Forum with curator Martin Schwander for each exhibition. 

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