Compensation and Benefits

Compensation and Benefits

What are the benefits of working for Baloise?

What sort of remuneration model does Baloise use?

Many of the aforementioned activities are aimed at offering employees a working environment in which they can perform to the best of their ability. And if they do so, they should be rewarded accordingly. Baloise offers performance- and target-oriented remuneration packages that are based on fair principles and an established framework of performance management. The packages consist of competitive base salaries and a range of variable remuneration components as well as attractive employee incentives and loyalty bonuses.

The remuneration paid by the Baloise Group is determined by the following criteria:

  • Competitiveness in the marketplace
  • Individual performance and the Company’s success
  • Fairness and transparency
  • Sustainability
Portrait Alberto Ribiero Silveira

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Alberto Ribeiro Silveira

ist seit 2007 bei der Baloise tätig. Seit 2015 leitet er das Team Group HR Operations.


What does performance management mean?

Performance management enables companies to manage, monitor and reward the performance of their employees. It is important to us that our employees feel committed to the corporate strategy and act in accordance with its principles. At the beginning of the year specific targets are set for individuals and teams that provide transparency about what their contribution should be. Employees can signal their ambitions with these; managers use them to set expectations.

At the end of the year, the performance is reviewed and new targets and development opportunities are agreed upon. This performance review also determines the amount of variable remuneration that is paid.

What other benefits do Baloise employees enjoy?

In addition to the potential for additional remuneration, there are other financial and non-financial benefits. These discretionary 'fringe benefits' are not related to people's roles or how well they have performed. Employees of Baloise in Switzerland, for example, have a number of country-specific benefits, including the option to buy discounted shares in the Company. There is a broad range of other benefits in addition to monetary rewards.

The wellbeing of employees is a key concern for Baloise. So as well as paying our employees for the work that they do, we also offer them the chance to develop, to give and receive honest feedback and to shape the future of the Company. But we also want to offer a working environment that allows our employees to balance their work lives and personal commitments. We provide the following options to help people do this:

  • Flexible and part-time working arrangements
  • Remote working
  • Company crèche (Switzerland)
  • Wide-ranging corporate health management service (Switzerland)

Benefits of working for Baloise

  • Flexible working hours
  • Remote working
  • Scope to take unpaid holidays/sabbaticals
  • High-responsibility work and exciting challenges
  • Pleasant working environment, positive corporate culture
  • Promotion of equal opportunities
  • Varied training and development options.

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