FRI:DAY, our mobile insurer

FRI:DAY, our mobile insurer

Our mobile insurer gives you that 'FRI:DAY' feeling.

Fatima, what is FRI:DAY?

FRI:DAY is a digital insurance company. Our aim is to develop innovative insurance products that meet our customers' everyday needs. The amount that customers will pay for FRI:DAY's first motor vehicle insurance product, for example, can be based on their actual mileage. It will be the first car insurance that adjusts to your life. After all, there are plenty of reasons why your mileage might increase or decrease significantly. If you're in a long-distance relationship, your partner could move nearer to you and you might find yourself doing 5,000 fewer kilometres a year. Or you go by car on a family holiday instead of flying, and you clock up an additional 3,000 kilometres. You get a new job and no longer have to commute… With a policy from FRI:DAY, the amount you have to pay for the policy will be adjusted accordingly. The price is based on your car's mileage reading, not on an estimate made the year before. 

How is an insurance policy taken out online?

It's very quick, and customers receive an offer in just 90 seconds. They can easily use their mobile phone if they want. Nothing has to be printed out in order to sign the contract – it's a completely paperless process. And our customer care centre is available to answer any questions about FRI:DAY over the telephone, too. You just tap the screen of your smartphone and the call is initiated.

Portrait Fatimata Sow

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Fatimata Sow

is since 2017 Head of Dialogue Marketing and Promotions at FRI:DAY.

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What is special about working at FRI:DAY?

It combines the culture of a start-up with absolute professionalism. Rather than having individual offices, we create space for collaboration and interaction. We try out new things and aim to think outside the box. This starts with the workplace and extends to the project structure and our products. Day in, day out, we work together to find better solutions for our customers, who are always at the heart of our joint efforts. This shouldn't really be anything unusual, but it is anything but the norm for organisational structures in many companies. Most of us haven't experienced this interdisciplinary collaboration before, and it's a win-win situation: efficient and great fun at the same time.

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