Target customer management

Target customer management

What is the idea behind target customer management?

What is the idea behind target customer management?

Since 2003, Baloise has developed a dedicated target customer management system aimed at strengthening the principle of risk sharing among policyholders. By focusing on risk-conscious target customers and pursuing its insurance and prevention approach, the Company is therefore breaking new ground with a business model which, regardless of the adverse prevailing financial market conditions, can protect Baloise’s customers and partners while at the same time ensuring that its profitability remains consistently high.

The basic idea behind this target customer management system is to divide our customers into four segments ranging from A to D. ‘A’ customers are those who actively try to prevent losses and, consequently, file a very low number of claims.

‘D’ customers are those who, because of their grossly negligent behaviour, for example, repeatedly suffer substantial losses and, as a result, claim above-average levels of insurance benefits at the expense of all other policyholders. Our target customer management system has enabled us to sharply reduce the number of ‘D’ customers in recent years. 

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Customer profiles

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It should be mentioned that customers are only assigned to a particular profile segment after a certain period of time. This means that new customers who file an insurance claim after only a few months are not immediately classified as ‘D’ customers. By adopting a strategy of risk-adjusted pricing, we also improve our profitability, thereby providing greater safety and security for our customers and partners. Having collected data on our business operations for decades, we are able to identify risks and charge an appropriate premium for them. This form of risk-adjusted pricing has proved to be highly beneficial for all policyholders.

What is the result of this target customer management approach?

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Baloise sustains lowest claims ratio as a result of target customer management

By pursuing our target customer management strategy, we are significantly improving the quality of our entire portfolio. The number of claims per 1,000 insured risks provides a reliable indicator of the quality of an insurance portfolio. The lower the frequency, the better the quality of the portfolio.

Our target customer management system has enabled us to sharply reduce the number of claims filed by clients.

Having successfully pursued this strategy for more than a decade now, Baloise has a much lower frequency of claims than its competitors. This high portfolio quality benefits all our stakeholders – employees, customers and shareholders alike.

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