Mount Effort

Mount Effort

Understanding how insurance works and how profits are generated.

You’ll need sturdy footwear for the hike to the summit of Mount Effort. It will get rocky and steep. If you are keen to learn about the financial background to insurance and are not afraid to attempt technically challenging and steep sections of the journey, this is the tour for you. Enjoy the freedom of the mountains!

Base Camp

Our local guides at base camp will explain the basics of how insurance works and about non-life business. They’ll also help consolidate your knowledge of insurance jargon.

High Camp

The first steep sections of the ascent to Mount Effort have been completed. At high camp you get to rest your legs for a while. But you will need to engage your mind instead, because next up is our life business. This is very complex, which is why there are several guides to help you here.

Let's go to the summit

Now that your footing is a little more assured, you can safely head for the summit. The path will take you through regulatory requirements. These are a key factor in the world of insurance. Our local guides will tell you what requirements are made by the regulators and what challenges they present for the insurance business.

The journey continues

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