Baloise Share

Baloise Share

Strong overall performance and consistent dividend payments – the Baloise share.

What treasure lies buried on Precious Beach?

The treasure located here on Precious Beach is a very special gem – a ‘dividend’ gem that lies hidden behind the abbreviation BALN. We are, of course, talking about Baloise shares, which have been worth their weight in gold to our shareholders because in the past they have shown themselves to be an excellent long-term investment. 

And why will this remain the case in future?

Baloise has a highly profitable insurance portfolio. The target customer and target partner management strategies that we have pursued over the past ten years or so have enabled us to continuously optimise the system of risk sharing among our policyholders. Our customers take care of themselves and their environment, which ultimately benefits all Baloise policyholders because fewer claims occur. This means that we can guarantee consistently high cash flows even while interest rates remain low. By focusing on four attractive core markets, Baloise is also well positioned geographically, and it is able to reap synergies here owing to similar market trends, cultural aspects and growth segments in these regions. 

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Markus Holtz

has been Investor Relations Manager since 2016. He joined Baloise in 2009.


The strong overall performance reflects improvements in operational profitability and consistent dividend payments

Graphic Strong overall performance

Excellence through safety and security

Our insurance and prevention services making our customers feel simply safe, are truly unique and provide the Company with a sea of endless possibilities. Our customers rate these products very highly, which translates into additional growth opportunities for Baloise. These operational strengths are underpinned by the Company’s solid capitalisation.

During the last two decades Baloise has never had to carry out a capital increase – even in times of economic stress. In that respect, too, it is an exception in the European insurance industry. But it is not just its strong capitalisation, its innovative business model and its operational profitability that make Baloise a real gem for its investors. What is really valuable is that it shares this success with them. 

For years now Baloise has been allowing its owners to share in its success in the form of consistently high dividend payments – even in economically challenging times. Repeated ➯ share buy-backs complete this shareholder-friendly dividend policy and underscore Baloise’s active capital management strategy. This policy has enabled roughly CHF 1.3 billion to be returned to shareholders from their investment in the past five years.

Including dividend payments and capital gains, Baloise shares have yielded an impressive annual return of 20 per cent over the last five years. The Company is committed to maintaining this attractive dividend policy in future and aims to remain a safe and valuable investment for its shareholders in years to come. That makes it a real gem! 

«Baloise's owners»

The Company’s equity is provided by investors, in return for which they look to receive compensation commensurate with the risk involved. This compensation can be provided in the form of profits, which are returned to investors through dividends, or a higher share price and the associated capital gain on the shares. Our major institutional shareholders are long-term investors such as banks and pension funds which manage large asset portfolios and have to earn a return on these assets for their clients. Most Baloise shares are held by institutional investors from Switzerland, the United States and the United Kingdom.

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