Via Panorama

Via Panorama

A unique overview of the Baloise Group and fascinating background information on insurance.

Viewing Platform

The ‘insurance sea’ looks particularly beautiful from up here. And it’s well worth taking a tour in the company of our local guides Gert and Ruken. Both know everything there is to know about Baloise as a company and about the meaning of insurance in our society. There’s also a fine historical site to discover up here.

Island Tour

Enough of strolling around! It’s time to lace up your running shoes and step up the pace. During your island tour you’ll cross Switzerland, Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg and find out about the markets in which Baloise operates.

The journey continues

Mount Effort

Understanding how insurance works and how profits are generated.

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Excellence City

Learn all about the Baloise brand and hear the secrets of her success.

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Illustration Precious Beach

Precious Beach

Find out, which treasure of Baloise lies buried here.

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