The organisation structure of the Baloise Group.


Organigramme Baloise as of 10.7.2017

Board of Directors

Porträt Andreas Burckhardt, Baloise Goup

Andreas Burckhardt

Porträt Werner Kummer, Baloise Group

Werner Kummer

Porträt Andreas Beerli, Baloise Group

Andreas Beerli

Porträt Georges Antoine de Boccard, Baloise Goup

Georges-Antoine de Boccard

Porträt Christoph Bloor, Baloise Group

Christoph B. Gloor

Porträt Karin-Keller Sutter, Baloise Group

Karin Keller-Sutter

Portrait Hugo Lasat

Hugo Lasat

Portrait Thomas von Planta

Thomas von Planta

Porträt Thomas Pleines, Baloise Group

Thomas Pleines

Portrait Marie-Noëlle Venturi - Zen-Ruffinen

Marie-Noëlle Venturi - Zen-Ruffinen

Functions, institutions and committee

  • Chairman of the Board of Directors

    Andreas Burckhardt

  • Vice-Chairman

    Werner Kummer

  • Secretary

    Philipp Jermann

  • Group Internal Audit

    Rolf-Christian Andersen

  • External Auditor

    Ernst & Young (EY)

  • Chairman's Committee

    • Andreas Burckhardt, Chairman
    • Werner Kummer, Deputy Chairman
    • Andreas Beerli
    • Thomas Pleines
  • Investment Commitee

    • Andreas Burckhardt, Chairman
    • Christoph B. Gloor, Deputy Chairman
    • Hugo Lasat
    • Georges-Antoine de Boccard
  • Audit and Risk Committee

    • Werner Kummer, Chairman
    • Andreas Beerli
    • Christoph B. Gloor
    • Thomas von Planta
  • Remuneration Committee

    • Thomas Pleines, Chairman
    • Karin Keller-Sutter, Deputy Chairwoman
    • Georges-Antoine de Boccard
    • Marie-Noëlle Venturi - Zen-Ruffinen

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